Voting for the man, the policies or a party?
The Conservative and Labour parties both needed the threat of the Brexit Party to make them take notice of the need to uphold the public wishes of the referendum of 2016

I represent the ordinary citizens of Milton Keynes, not the self serving two party system

The Independent MP

The debate surrounding independent MPs is especially relevant at this time when warnings of a 'hung' parliament are increasing. A 'hung' parliament, or even a small majority for either party, could increase both the importance and the influence of independent MPs, as every vote will count. The independent MP is able to put his constituency needs above all.

I will hold the Government to account in a way that never happens with party politicians who are whipped to support the party line and I will vote for the benefit of MK citizens as well as the people of the UK, not for the benefit of a particular political party .

In 1945 there were 10 independent MPs elected; in recent times there have been far fewer. This was the prelude to the N H S and the Welfare State.

With the shameful unfolding events in Parliament with MP's frustrating the will of the people, I am standing to give people of Milton Keynes and alternative