Protecting national identity and freedom

The UK citizen's appreciation and understanding of people around the world has always been informed by its cultural diversity and the belief systems of its own population of 25% non-white British. MK is a great example of social inclusion with religious and cultural diversity. Tolerance and extension of rights to all is an admirable trait of the British people and vital to peace and harmony. I will campaign against ignorance and prejudice from any direction. Britons have fought for freedom and equal rights of its citizens and the laws of the land must be respected. However the fundamental identity of our great nation should not be compromised. Terrorism and extremist cells cannot be allowed to cultivate within and every effort must be made to prevent this.

Preventing radicalisation and extremism in the UK


I will campaign for all citizens to protect the values and culture of Britain; diversity should not mean an erosion of UK identity. We must work with all of our citizens to prevent radicalisation and undermining of UK law at all levels in our wider society whilst preventing fear from radical Islamists from becoming Islamophobia. MK has a Muslim population of 4.8% (UK Muslim population is 5%) who are model upright citizens and who denounce the evil activities of the self-proclaimed ISIS who distort the principles of Islam.  Removing radicalised extremists must be embraced and led by all Muslims with the support of the whole nation.


Maintaining a high level of defence


The strength and capability of the Police and legal services must be increased and kept high to ensure all UK citizens are protected and receive justice. Coastguard and Border services must be strong and credible to control illegal passage of people and goods. There must be an end to the “open door” policy.

The armed services must not be weakened and the UK should continue to have credible defence capability with nuclear and conventional air, sea and land forces. I will promote with passion increased opportunities for civilians to participate in the Services, from a young age, creating a more informed and cohesive society. No more defence cuts. The UK must keep to its committed spend of 2% GDP (Gross Domestic Product) to NATO (and the US special relationship). The UK nuclear deterrent must be maintained to keep world peace with a credible defence. Non Proliferation and Multilateral disarmament is the aim of all but can only be achieved from a position of strength.


Growing the alliances

EU and NATO forces have been key to the stability across the world. It is right for the UK to continue to fight against regimes that actively undermine freedom and equality and impose unjust rule resulting in suffering. The UK cannot defend its borders and citizens without the capability and determination to fight both inside and outside its borders. No weakness must be shown. This includes taking a  strong stance against Russia regarding the Ukraine.