The rights of the individual, regardless of gender, religion, race, colour or background, have been achieved by generations of British citizens over hundreds of years. The UK's participation in two World wars to prevent evil oppression has led to the Human Rights Act 1998 (also known as the Act or the HRA) which came into force in the United Kingdom in October 2000. It comprises a series of sections that have the effect of codifying the protections in the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law. However the underlying principles, originally promoted by Sir Winston Churchill, appear to be overshadowed by the “European Court of Human Rights” decisions that are outside the original intent and have undermined some important rulings by our own legal system. The UK should continue down the path to pass a bill to prevent terrorists and criminals from using human rights to avoid deportation.

I would continue to proudly uphold these principles on behalf of my constituents:

  • Be firm in the face of terrorism and be vigilant in the fight against it
  • Support the fight for human rights of oppressed people subject to torture and inhumane treatment
  • Support the actions of states fighting the spread of extremists and radicals who use violence and abuse to impose their will under the false pretence of religion
  • Continue to provide humanitarian aid and assistance
  • Ensure that the Government criminalises individual or corporate support of oppressive regimes and states through trade, sponsorship or other means
  • Insist that military intervention always requires a proper mandate from UK citizens based on hard evidence submitted. (No more IRAQ type interventions)
  • Support a Government that will be credible with Nuclear Deterrent