The citizens of the UK have voted for a BREXIT.

The rhetoric from the EU Presidency and EU Commission actually re-enforces the reasons for operating outside the enforced constraints of the Union. The EU commission does not truly represent the electorate of any country. Outside of Germany and France, individual countries interests are never properly represented, yet any country, no matter how small a contributor can malevolently derail initiatives. It is the EU Presidency and Commission that try to inflame emotions to damage negotiations.

Industrialists from Germany and France enjoy a Net win exporting their engineering to the UK. Easily evidenced from the ONS figures, especially obvious in the car industry. They are business focussed and not the ones driving for a binary decision of full EU Rules or Hard Exit (WTO rules). They are not the ones shouting out their opinion on Britain hurting more than the EU on exit.

The German and French Industrialist know that if they allow the EU bully the UK into a Hard Exit, the UK could use the Net importer position to collect net positive tariffs and use it to benefit UK businesses with tax breaks and business incentives to create competitive advantage for exports. Again, this evidence is available from the ONS and other published data. Labour and Liberal leaders have the strange notion that we just roll over and take any conditions the EU Commission wish to impose, for fear of upsetting them. Our starting position should be for no deal. Let the EU Commission feel the lobby from the Council of the EU from the Country Members, feeling the weight of Lobby from their own Industrialists. Let the Commission learn how to serve the common interests of the common people of the Country Citizens in their care, from within. Only then will the UK be able to strike a deal worth having.

And ironically as our economy keeps growing, we will likely have greater net migration. However, it will not be randomly a “free movement”, it will be selective migration determined by need and not a manifesto quota.