Milton Keynes is a growing town with a high percentage of young people:  more police resources should be allocated; greater patrols and CCTV of redways and isolated areas is required.  These are all things I will promote as an investment needed at government level. The CPS (Crown prosecution Service) allows too many offences to be downgraded to cautions or are rejected outright. At court, too many cases are overthrown owing to “technicalities”. Police officers need more resources to ensure they can be effective law-enforcers and build quality evidence to convict safely as the quality of convictions is an important factor in ensuring justice.  In many cases sentences are too short and prison regimes too lenient. This results in greater disrespect for the law within the community and more crime at all levels. I will fight for enforceable justice.

Policies to be Promoted

  • Above petty crimes, increased penalties for all law-breakers; longer sentences for murder, child abuse, serial pedophiles and terrorists
  • Increased number of prison places available by investment in new prisons nationally
  • Changes to the sentencing system for a minimum period before parole. Remove the existing early-release schemes.
  • Change life sentences to mean life in custody
  • Increase the number of minor offences which can be dealt with by the magistrates’ court
  • A zero tolerance approach to all drug dealers and traffickers; a minimum of 5 years in prison for traffickers
  • White collar crime, such as fraud, should attract custodial sentences in proportion to the magnitude of the fraud, this includes tax evasion. Financial market abuse should be dealt with through harsher sentences in line with white collar fraud
  • Migrants with criminal convictions should be expelled and a halt to the immigration of people with criminal convictions:   the government should be held to account for recent failings regarding proper consideration/ deportation of a large number of foreign criminals with convictions for assault, sexual offences, drug dealing and robbery