I have since 2015 been disappointed with the way the two party system creates tactical voting to prevent rather parties we believe are bad rather than giving our true consent to party’s manifestos. The referendum should have been no surprise to the political establishment that the nation has become split and the Members of Parliament cannot deliver true democracy with their self-serving practices.

I was as split as the country when it came to the referendum. I was torn between the wish to see the UK take back its Sovereignty from an increasing Federal Europe or reap the benefits of earning from Financial Services within the Union.

I was proud of the electorate decision to take back Sovereignty and vote to leave the European Union as a controlling Intuition. This pride was matched with disgust at the Members of Parliament who have chosen to frustrate a true Brexit. Choosing to make it impossible for UK negotiators by trying to take “no deal” off the table yet rejecting the one and only deal the EU would offer

Angered by the EU Commission creating the illusion of agreeing a future of free trade with the UK with a near frictionless transition period, whilst actually building in a clause that could prevent the UK creating it’s own trade deals by holding the UK in to its Customs Union with the so called “backstop” clause.
Angered that the EU would only offer a transition agreement if the UK took its one and only deal with the threat that they would stop the systems of trade dead in its tracks and force the UK to act as if the regulatory alignment, intelligence lead trade and customs systems, the data sharing, built and in use today not exist. This is the EU willfully creating their “Cliff Edge”, yet blaming for it.

Disgusted at the Labour party, who had a different way to frustrate Brexit by saying they want a Customs Union yet rejected the Withdrawal Agreement which ironically had exactly that in the backstop clause.

Only one group of UK citizens are standing up to this outrageous situation and have mobilised as the Brexit Party. So whilst this broken politics continues I will be given them my support.
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