The UK Main Party political systems has taken away an important choice from the electorate.  The electorate that votes for a Main Party gets the candidate they are given.  The party machine decides on their “front man” for your constituency.  The party machine creates their language, their policies and their public opinion.  In return the “front man” is dutifully “whipped” into line for government policy and decision making.

“Don’t you want your chosen representative to actually represent you ahead of a party?” says Stephen Fulton Independent candidate for Milton Keynes South.

A fresh example of this is was on the 4th of February 2015, when a Labour motion to improve the quantity quality of apprenticeships, as policy was defeated 294 Noes and 218 Ayes. Again something critical to the aspirations of Milton Keynes youth, to take their place in the job market with skills that are required for growth. Iain Stewart diligently “whipped” to vote against it.

Anyone following the “City Deal” saga would see no evidence of any push for this for Milton Keynes at Westminster from the Conservative MP’s. Instead it would appear to have been left to a Labour Shadow Minister to put the question to Greg Clarke, (June 2014), on this critical investment for Milton Keynes.  In 2012 Iain Stewart made noises of support in the media, of the then Conservative Head of Milton Keynes , who stated intent to negotiate hard with the Government, but with no evidence of action from Iain at Westminster.

“My question is simple. Why surrender your choice by handing it to an “out of touch” party elite when you can pick the person who will fight for your needs above any party?” says Stephen Fulton, Independent candidate for Milton Keynes South..