The National Audit Office states that the spending on infrastructure is below target by £15 billion.  In every Autumn Statement since 2010 the Government has claimed that Infrastructure investment is at the heart of plans for National Growth yet the spending has dropped from £57 billion in 2009/10 to £42 billion in 2013/14.  The Head of the NAO, Amyas Morse has gone as far as stating this as irresponsible.

Yet it would appear that the government have exceeded its Public Spending savings to the tune of a forecast £23 billion (2019/20).  It appears that this is where the vote winning tax “give back” will come from.  The Government knows infrastructure investment is vital to growth which creates jobs and a good spending cycle in the economy, stimulating recovery.  To hold this investment back is a cynical short term vote winning tactic.
“I know understand why the Conservative MP duo in Milton Keynes may want to keep away from demanding the “City Deal” from their ruling party, even though they promoted this as an important Government initiative back in 2012”, says Stephen Fulton, Independent candidate for Milton Keynes South.