The “City Deal” bid was always essential for MK to grow its population to numbers which meet government targets.  The infrastructure is not adequate to support the town at its current size and certainly cannot support an increase.  In addition, an increase in the supply of well-paid, skilled jobs must match the population growth.  Industry needs infrastructure of the calibre known to the MK Strategic Planners.  The MK MPs must be the champions of the MK Strategic Planners.

Of the 20 cities and areas asked to bid, 12 have so far had Government backing, including nearby Oxford, Thames Valley (Slough) and Cambridge whilst MK appears to be suffering a government attempt to "strong arm” MK into accepting an even greater level of housing than is sustainable.
The bid brought forward a plan that would enable the City to keep more of the money raised through housing growth and any business rates created by economic growth.

It is not acceptable to allow this to be shelved, with reliance on investment from broader South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership funding.
This is a fight that MK MPs should be staking their political careers on: to ensure the continued growth of the UK’s greatest model for all new Garden Cities.  MK constituents need to demand that their MPs put MK first.