As part of the infamous Withdrawal Agreement a Political Declaration between the EU and UK, was drawn up with tariff free trade with equivalence on Regulations, Customs Agreements and continued Data sharing enabling the same near frictionless trade enjoyed today. An Implementation Period was proposed to enable the relevant changes in law to replace those of a member was part of the WA, ensuring no hard border at NI as the existing Customs Union arrangements continued including Regulatory checks away from the border. This ensured maximum motivation for the UK and EU 27 to use the transition period to turn the Political Declaration (PD) into operation through coconscious. To add a “Backstop” clause giving the EU 27 power to keep the UK locked into its Customs Union until the EU is happy with the final exit deal, is not only an unreasonable prevention of British Sovereignty, but totally unnecessary if the PD is honoured by the EU. For this blatant attempt to bully the UK to accept the Backstop, the EU have stated the UK will have no transition and they will create a hard stop to the special Trade and Customs arrangements through existing ICT processes and data sharing systems. This would be the EU wilfully making their “cliff edge” scenario come true. It is this act by the EU that will create the “hard border” at NI, professed to be of concern to the EU.

The public need to understand it is the EU who are risking the GDP of the EU to bully the UK in to giving over control of the Customs arrangements to the EU with their Backstop clause.

The UK must not, cannot and will not be bullied in to taking this WA Backstop clause. The only way to break this is to guarantee to leave the EU on the 31st October without that deal. The sad irony is that the EU are the architects of a situation where NI will have a hard border. The decision then resides with the EU. A second irony is that their actions to make leaving ugly to deter more leaving, it will create a recession, driving more of the 27 towards extreme right wing “leavers”. A further irony for the EU is their actions will only drive Britain to trade further and wider than the EU, never to return. The EU Commissioner will have become the architects of the breakup of the EU as we know it forcing the reform they denied to the UK.
This proud nation has learnt that resisting bullying from aggressor nations is critical whether in war and peace. The UK must fight against this cynical attempt by the EU Commission to control the UK, even if the reckless EU Commission manufacture their cliff edge. The EU Commissioners underestimate the strength and tenacity, endurance of the British people to stand firm and fight bully’s, however long it takes. It will motivate Britain to move faster to be the Global Trading Nation with its new found freedom. If the only way to gain the UK sovereignty is to weather an ugly exit from the EU then the UK must leave on the 31st October.

Had Jeremy Corbin truly cared about even closer alignment and Customs Union with the EU, he could have voted to accept the EU Withdrawal agreement, and lobbied for his version of Brexit during the transition period. Brexit would have been delivered. His cynical game however was simply to create an impasse to bring down the government. Instead, he makes the no deal exit more likely. The EU presented their only deal in the safe knowledge that the remainers in Parliament will stop any no deal options and frustrate a Bexit that give UK its Sovereignty to take back control.