I am a family man who moved to MK 17 years ago in order to raise a family in the outstanding MK Garden City. Like many people who have settled here, I continued the migration from the suburbs of London that my parents started when they moved out of London shortly after I was born. Later as a child I experienced the difficulties my mother faced in bringing up my younger brother and me on her own, fitting low-paid work around our school days and struggling to make ends meet. I had a Saturday job working in street markets with my cousins so that I could contribute to my upkeep from the age of 12. I learned how the small businessman survived by hard, honest work and long hours. As a teen, I had the good fortune to be taken on as an apprentice in manufacturing and I learned the importance of respect for all work colleagues, from the teams drilling out the raw cast metal, to the toolmakers, design teams and management. I have been involved as a technician with GEC Avionics and BT before moving into various business roles working with tech startups and large IT technology companies. My family have grown up with great pride in our Great Britain and the services that protect us. My father and brother both served in the Royal Engineers whilst I have served in the Territorial Army. Life has its ups and downs and I faced these: I have been married and divorced but am now happily re-married for life. I know what it's like to be made redundant and have to search for a job; of losing one's assets and starting again. I am a youth rugby coach at Bletchley, a Trustee for a Multi Academy Trust, a school governor and a mentor for startups at the Natwest Hub. These experiences give me confidence in knowing I can empathise with and represent my fellow MK citizens.

I do not believe career politicians can fight for their constituency with the supreme effort required without conflict with their political party; I do not accept such a compromise for MK.