April 2015 Canvassing Activity
Date  Day Time Location Activity
4th Saturday  09.45am  start from:
 60 Pigott Drive, Shenley Chuch  End, Milton  Keynes MK5 6JN
Stephen Fulton Independent MP Walkabout
Walkabout the area to meet constituency citizens to explain the benefits of Stephen Fulton as the Independent Member of Parliament
Friday  10.00am   Shenley Wood Retirement Village,  Chalkdell  Drive, Shenley Wood,  Milton Keynes, MK5 6LB
Meeting Stephen Fulton Independent MP Candidate
An informal meeting in the meeting area to give opportunity to residents to ask questions to the Independent candidate benefits. 
14th Tuesday  19.30  The Parish Hall, St Mary and St Giles  CE Church, Stony Stratford MK11  1BD
Milton Keynes South Husting
Robert Gifford, as Chair of Stony Stratford Town Council

16th Thursday 19.00  Jurys Inn, Midsummer Boulevard,  Milton Keynes, MK9 2HP
Chaired by Alastair Fee, BBC South Business Correspondent for  The Federation of Small Businesses.
22nd Wednesday 19.30  The debate is set to be held at the Civic Offices in Silbury Boulevard on Wednesday, April 22,

MKFM: Milton Keynes  Election Debate: 
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29th Wednesday 19.30 Guildhall, Christ the Cornerstone
300 Saxon gate, Milton Keynes
Milton Keynes Mission Partnership: Milton Keynes South Hustings:
To pose a question to the candidates, pleaseforward it by e-mail to John Moffoot at moffoot285@btinternet.com by Sunday 19th April